About us

Doris Wilkinson
Partner, Ocean Holiday Cruises

Selling cruise vacations is a passion that started 20 years ago after my first cruise.  I couldn't stop telling everyone who would listen how much fun the cruise was, how relaxing, how beautiful the ports of call were and how much I wanted to cruise again and again.  The cruise bug had bitten. Over the years I have taken numerous seminars, attended a variety of cruise conventions, done an infinite number of ship tours and best of all taken many more cruises.

All of this has earned me a Master Cruise Counselor rating. I continue to keep myself educated about cruises because the cruise industry continues to change. Ships have evolved so much from what they were 20 years ago. I am excited about how they will change in the next 20 years. Let me bring this excitement about cruising to you! ~ Doris

Debbie Smith
Partner, Ocean Holiday Cruises

I see cruising as an art form. An art form that I love and enjoy very much. It is one that can be chosen based upon destination, ship preference, budget or past experience. I have studied and continue to study this art form by participating in seminars, doing ship tours, cruising and listening to clients when they return.

Becoming an Accredited Cruise Counselor through CLIA ensures that I have dedicated my time to become a specialist in the art of cruising. My responsibility, as a travel planner, is to find out your dreams and provide expertise for choosing an art form that matches those dreams. Let me paint a picture of how the art of cruising can fit into your travel dreams. ~ Debbie